About Us – ZangaBee – Your Celigo & NetSuite Partner

ZangaBee: the Celigo & NetSuite Partner for your business

ZangaBee consists of a small team that is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in the right combination to be the Celigo and NetSuite Partner for your business.

We have 23 years of experience in business software, at large multinationals, and 23 years of experience in IT management and leadership.

Since 2016, we have been combining our experiences with in-depth knowledge of the NetSuite software and all the amazing possibilities it provides. Next to Oracle NetSuite, we know how to implement and work with several other business software as well. 

Our motivation of having all the information of the best business software up-to-date, is driven by our passion to work with organizations and help them to save time, money and hassles. Certainly these days, it’s for CEO’s, business owners, start-ups, and general managers a huge advantage to have all the organizational processes unified with one platform. It gives fully control of the data without missing small, but important events. With a well implemented business software, businesses can focus on improvements of product quality, customer services and innovation. NetSuite helps to stay in business and to expand, and we are there to help you to achieve your business goals.

ZangaBee stands for quality, transparency and personal attention. We are located in The Caballero Factory in The Hague, an inspiring environment with many start-ups and young energy. If you might be around, you are always welcome to have a talk and a nice cup of coffee!

How ZangaBee can boost your business

Investment in NetSuite is a strong first step to modernize your ERP processes, but it only represents a portion of what you must do to achieve true transformation. When NetSuite is truly optimized, businesses can focus their resources on perfecting their products and services and scaling instead of getting bogged down by the technology. Case in point: NetSuite’s unified platform has helped various companies grow more than 500 percent year-over-year.

Top companies know when and how to push beyond “factory setting” configurations and strategically tailor NetSuite to their unique business needs through customized reporting, dashboards, integration, and more.

ZangaBee can help reach those goals by optimizing your ERP solution.

ZangaBee: certified partner of Celigo for NetSuite implementations and integrations

ZangaBee is an official certified partner of Celigo. In recent years Celigo’s platform has grown beyond NetSuite integrations and has become more extensive than ever. We can help you to align Celigo’s applications with your platform, and act as a European focal point.

As a reference, Zangabee implemented 24 Celigo integrations for Brandfield – just in time to be ready for their peak season. Read all about it in our “case Brandfield” that we executed together with Celigo.

Read more about ZangaBee’s partnership with Celigo

You don't always need to hire a full-time expert​

Zangabee is very experienced in integrating NetSuite with systems like eCommerce , PSP, WMS, POS, Feed Management, Dropship trading partners, Ticketing system, Time registration. Such integrations truly help our customers to achieve effective business growth and increase their profits of sales channels.

It’s not always needed to hire us full-time. When we have finished the initial implementations, you can choose to continue with us, our go with your company’s team and only pull us in whenever you need support.

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