How ZangaBee can boost your business

Investment in NetSuite is a strong first step to modernize your ERP processes, but it only represents a portion of what you must do to achieve true transformation. When NetSuite is truly optimized, businesses can focus their resources on perfecting their products and services and scaling instead of getting bogged down by the technology. Case in point: NetSuite’s unified platform has helped various companies grow more than 500 percent year-over-year.
Top companies know when and how to push beyond “factory setting” configurations and strategically tailor NetSuite to their unique business needs through customized reporting, dashboards, integration, and more. ZangaBee can help reach those goals by optimizing your ERP solution.


ZangaBee was founded in 2016. We believe that true Cloud/SaaS products can bring significant benefits to companies. NetSuite, a true “born in the cloud” solution, is the number One platform in the Cloud ERP arena.  Unlike other solutions it’s not burdened by a legacy version being ported to the cloud. We see therefore see  NetSuite as being the logical next step when companies are looking for a new ERP system.
Next to that ZangaBee only employs seasoned and experienced ERP consultants who know how to talk to the business and understand their needs. An ERP solution is only as good as how it supports a company’s business processes. The ability to tune NetSuite to these business processes is the key of ZangaBee’s succes.

Work with ZangaBee

ZangaBee works with local NetSuite consultants across the globe that have done implementations before in their respective countries. They understand how country specifics translate to NetSuite configuration, administrative setup and use of available NetSuite apps and plug-ins. Typical areas of attention are:

  • Local legislation / tax
  • connecting to payroll
  • payment providers

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