EDI is a perfect automation solution for retail. Credit img_ alex-knight-2EJCSULRwC8-unsplash

EDI – The solution to automate the entire fulfillment process

EDI – The digital solution to automate the entire fulfillment process

EDI is a perfect automation solution for retail. Credit img_ alex-knight-2EJCSULRwC8-unsplash

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI allows you to exchange business documents and information between digital systems. This requires that all business processes linked to EDI be systematized and automated. Once operational, the data transfer is routinely exchanged between the linked systems.

EDI is a perfect automation solution for retail

EDI is a perfect automation solution for retail and wholesale. It’s a digital solution to automate the entire fulfillment process. From purchase orders and invoices to processing the entire accounting, with EDI this is done quickly and without errors. EDI can also be integrated with Oracle NetSuite ERP.

How can EDI be used in your company?

Businesses use EDI to increase business efficiency and reduce costs. Simple, routine work can be automated well, which means less time and personnel. With EDI you can quickly save a few FTEs and the costs of setting up workplaces. You can also offer better customer service because delivery times can be shortened from days to hours with EDI. Consumers usually expect that they will be delivered the next day after placing an order. By automating your sales and fulfillment process, you meet your customers’ expectations and significantly strengthen your competitive position in the market.

More benefits of using EDI

Next to having a strong position on the market, great customer service, and more time to spend on innovation or expanding your business, there are some other benefits of using EDI:

  • Your inventory management, production, and purchasing process are much more accurate and faster because the system reports what its status is and what actions must be taken to meet supply and demand.
  • Electronic documents are delivered quickly and without errors, saving you overhead costs.
  • The EDI provides clear overviews of orders, deliveries, and stock, among others. You therefore know exactly what the state of affairs of your company is. It offers you the opportunity to draw up good quarterly and annual plans and you can use this to estimate whether you can expand if you want to grow.
  • You save on operating costs and time, which you can spend on innovation or service to your customers to maintain and strengthen your position in the market.
  • EDI is an affordable system, ideal for SMEs, retail, distributors, and factories. Investing in an EDI integration with NetSuite ERP is a strategic decision that yields greater profit. Both when it comes to finances and time.
  • EDI is easy to use without the need for a long exposure time.

Different versions of EDI are supported

ZangaBee can work with different versions of EDI and different platforms, including:

  • French type EDI specifically for Jewelry (known in France as EDI HBJO)
  • Regular EDIFACT and in XML format.
  • VANs like OMS and Transus
  • Integration platform Celigo

Through these setups, messages like CDE, BL, PRICAT, ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC and SLSRPT can be processed or generated.

What companies have integrated EDI in their NetSuite ERP system?

Companies that we helped to integrate EDI in their ERP system include:

  • Aquanova
  • BDSK
  • Bijenkorf
  • Christ
  • Cluse
  • Donjon
  • Hudsons Bay
  • Inno
  • Karstadt
  • Kaufhof
  • Louis Pion
  • Synalia
  • Thom
  • XXXLutz
This list is rapidly expanding!

Hire ZangaBee to implement EDI in your company

ZangaBee ensures that EDI can be used quickly in your organization. This produces operating profit almost immediately after implementation. We can also integrate EDI into the existing NetSuite applications or implement NetSuite together with EDI. In addition to automated sales order processing, this also provides digital processing of inventory management, purchase orders and warehouse transactions. This maximizes the turnover and value of your investments in the supply chain processes.


Do you have a company and you want to make your processes more efficient? Or do you want more information about EDI to see if it is a suitable system for your company? Then please contact us. You can rest assured that you will receive honest and non-binding advice from us.

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