NetSuite for Retail: the best POS solution for e-commerce

NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Retail POS solution for e-commerce

NetSuite for Retail: the best POS solution for e-commerce

With the NetSuite for Retail POS solution, you are able to transform your store with a single commerce platform: online, in-store and a call center to provide excellent services. You can engage shoppers by providing a complete shopping experience that is personal and seamless.


This Point Of Sale solution empowers sales associates with the tools and information they need to assist and engage shoppers. A good POS solution is an absolute necessity to increase profitability with more product choices and better convenience with an ‘endless aisle’ of goods. 

Why Run Your Retail Business on NetSuite?

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. They want to shop whenever and however they please through any channel—without sacrificing choice, convenience or price. Establishing an effective omnichannel strategy can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.

Drive more sales and provide a satisfying shopping experience

NetSuite transforms the in-store experience and delivers true omnichannel shopping with a modern POS solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences.
Using a mobile device, empower your sales associates with complete inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales and provide a satisfying shopping experience.

NetSuite for Retail POS for e-commerce

NetSuite for Retail POS solution provides:

• A single, integrated solution to manage your entire retail business.
• Complete 360-degree view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints.
• Support multiple locations, channels and brands from a single platform.
• A full featured and mobile-ready POS.
• Powerful ecommerce capabilities on any device.
• Central management of all pricing and promotions.
• Real-time inventory visibility across all channels.
• Cross-channel order management and fulfillment.
• Marketing tools to target and segment offers.
• Easy customization for your specific retail requirements.
• A lower cost and less hassle than on-premise retail systems.

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