NetSuite is a cloud based software platform that provides a single view of a business across financials, back office operations, crm and even marketing.

This single view on one platform helps automate your business processes, allowing you to scale faster and grow smarter. Overheads and headcount are reduced and decision making is improved as real time analytics provide the insights required to run and grow a business. The Netsuite dashboard helps you to monitor KPIs that are important, so focus can be steered towards the areas of a business that need the most attention. NetSuite works for organisations that have outgrown their current business systems, often because they have a number of different platforms which don’t talk to each other. This means lots of manual work, duplication of tasks and costly errors. By implementing NetSuite as one, unified system to run your business, it can help to address those issues, leaving key decision makers free to grow their business and become agile as a organisation.

ERP Cloud Software

Unlike on-premises systems, cloud ERP — which is a type of software as a service (SaaS) — increases accessibility via the internet and enables users to share and transfer data across business departments, as well as externally, in real time. Because it is cloud-hosted, businesses are notified of any updates to the software immediately. Cloud-based ERP also comes with availability, backup and disaster recovery plans from providers to reduce interruptions to the software.

Like other service models, cloud ERP follows similar payment models: Enterprises pay for used resources monthly, rather than a fixed price all upfront. It also removes the need for additional hardware and maintenance on site, which decreases operating costs. As business needs change, enterprises can alter how much they use cloud services and scale resources.

How NetSuite can boost your business

Successfully growing a business has never been harder. New technologies, rapidly shifting consumer expectations and evolving industry regulations continue to change the game. For business leaders, this can feel like a no-win situation, particularly as competition continues to increase and results are under the microscope.
The latest innovations from NetSuite help business leaders navigate this change, overcome the barriers to growth and successfully scale by delivering industry best practices, new customer engagement models and business optimization methods.

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Work with ZangaBee

ZangaBee works with local NetSuite consultants across the globe that have done implementations before in their respective countries. They understand how country specifics translate to NetSuite configuration, administrative setup and use of available NetSuite apps and plug-ins. Typical areas of attention are:

  • Local legislation / tax
  • connecting to payroll
  • payment providers

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