News and Tips about NetSuite implementations

News and Tips about NetSuite Erp implementations and integrations

Pieter Kral joins ZangaBee

pieter kral joins ZangaBee

We are delighted to announce that Pieter Kral has decided to officially join ZangaBee after successfully completing his Bachelor of Science in Finance & Control at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Pieter will start as a Junior Consultant with us and focus initially on NetSuite and Finance.

Pieter had previously worked at ZangaBee as an intern and completed his thesis “The implementation of a Dashboard” with us. We know Pieter to be a diligent, intelligent and competent worker and he fits perfectly within our team. We see him as a key pillar in our aim to bring quality and value to our customer.

Pieter Paauw joins ZangaBee

Today, February the 1st 2021, we a very excited to announce that Pieter Paauw has joined ZangaBee! Pieter will spearhead our Project Delivery activities coordinating the successful execution of our customer projects. Read more.
Pieter Paauw

ZangaBee’s NetSuite Integration Experience

When it comes to NetSuite integration, ZangaBee integrates many different systems. Whether you want to use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage your inventory, host your e-commerce stores, track your financials, or maintain your customer relationship management (CRM) systems: we’ve got you covered.

The NetSuite platform can be applied to a range of business applications and results in lower operating costs. No company wants to waste time manually imputing data from one software to another, or manage data with different systems. Integrate NetSuite and you have more control over your management information in less time. Next to that, you’ll strengthen the competitive advantage of your business. Read more.

Time tracking software and NetSuite: Clockify integration

Many project teams use the time tracking software of Clockify to track their hours. You can use this software for tracking productivity, attendance, and billable hours as well. ZangaBee offers an integration between Clockify and NetSuite to support invoicing of these tracks. Read more.

NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Retail is the best POS solution for e-commerce. With the NetSuite for Retail POS solution, you are able to transform your store with a single commerce platform: online, in-store and a call center to provide excellent services. You can engage shoppers by providing a complete shopping experience that is personal and seamless. Read more.

Best practices of an ERP implementation

For a smooth implementation of NetSuite ERP, following best practices will help you through the entire process of the ERP implementation. The result is a more effective ERP experience and a better-run business in the long term. Read more.

NetSuite for NGO

Oracle NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations (NGO’s): With tight budgets, limited resources, rising demand and increased competition for funding, nonprofit organizations are looking for innovative ways to maximize resources for long-term success and survival. With NetSuite NGO you are able to make better use of volunteers, strengthen connections with existing donors, solicit new supporters and create projects that generate additional sources of income.

Successful nonprofit organizations understand that effective use of business technology has a major influence on their ability to manage costs, grow their resources and achieve social impact. And they are increasingly investing in new technologies—and cloud-based solutions—to help them amplify these efforts. Read more.

NetSuite Accounting & Book keeping

Help with your financial administration using NetSuite: do you need temporary enforcement of your finance team? Our finance expert can help you with your financial administration using the NetSuite Accounting & Book keeping application. Helping you will also allow us to identify where your operations can be improved. Improvements that we typically identify are:

Efficiency / faster processing of transactions
Audit readiness / separation of duties review
Completeness of data / enriching reports for better use by management
Controls / automated review steps before important changes in the data.

Read more.

EDI – The digital solution to automate the entire fulfillment process

EDI is a perfect automation solution for retail. It’s a digital solution to automate the entire fulfillment process. From purchase orders and invoices to processing the entire accounting, with EDI this is done quickly and without errors. EDI can also be integrated with Oracle NetSuite ERP. Read more.

Oracle NetSuite for Retail Business

NetSuite transforms the in-store experience and delivers true omnichannel shopping with a modern POS solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences. Using a mobile device, empower your sales associates with complete inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales and provide a satisfying shopping experience. Oracle NetSuite for Retail Business is one complete system covering POS, ecommerce, CRM and marketing, inventory and order management, business intelligence, and financials. Read more.

Have you got questions about one or more NetSuite products, or do you like to know how a NetSuite application can enhance your business’ workflow and profit margins? Please fill out this form or call us: +31 (0)881123456.

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