Our Team

Our team

Henk Kooiker ZangaBee

Henk Kooiker

Co-owner ZangaBee. 

25 years of experience in IT.

Extensive experience with ERP and ERP outsourcing. Bridge builder and quartermaster.

Henk is a man of beach & sea. With wind on the water (kite surfing) and without wind on the sand (beach volleyball).

Menno Oppermann ZangaBee

Menno Oppermann

Co-owner ZangaBee. 

25 years of experience in IT.

Broad experience through IT management and executive roles. Focus on cloud solutions. Visionary.

Menno is a petrol head and has a large old-timer camper with which he likes to go out.

Bas van Ditzhuijzen ZangaBee

Bas van Ditzhuijzen

Architect and Technical Wizard.

20 years of experience in IT

Bas is a sailor and creative with a 3D printer.

Pieter Paauw ZangaBee

Pieter Paauw

Project Delivery & Complex Netsuite Implementations Wizard

More than 20 years of experience in IT.

Great interest in information technology and business administration.

In his spare time, Pieter loves to develop Machine Learning and Neural network applications in different frameworks and programming languages.

Pieter Kral ZangaBee

Pieter Kral

Junior Consultant focusing initially on NetSuite and Finance.

Bachelor of Science in Finance & Control at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Thesis “The implementation of a Dashboard”. 

We know Pieter to be a diligent, intelligent and competent worker and he fits perfectly within our team. We see him as a key pillar in our aim to bring quality and value to our customer.

Project Delivery

Pieter Paauw

My name is Pieter Paauw, and I’ve been an IT professional for more than 20 Years. 

Within ZangaBee, I’m responsible for Project Delivery. I have a great interest in Information Technology and Business Administration. This is reflected as a common thread throughout my career. I want to build bridges between users of automation and the IT specialists, so that business value is realized in the shortest possible time. 

During my career I have gained extensive experience in all areas of IT and IT/Business domains. Amongst many roles I have specific and deep skills in IT Management and IT Project Management. During my career I have fulfilled positions as Head of IT-Software Development and Project Management at a large Dutch Airline, IT-Operations Director at the largest Dutch Water Utility (5 million customers), and Information Manager at one of the largest International Aerial Work Platform Rental Companies in the world. This has broadened my view over different Business Domains with their specific challenges.

On a personal level my greatest passion is to realize concrete value and results in a very structured approach. My greatest strengths are  creating clear frameworks for project delivery, and motivate, coach, bond and lead teams to deliver value to the business. In the past  six years I have been extensively involved in one of Europe’s biggest and most complex Netsuite implementations, including integration with own and third party solutions.

I am married and a proud father of 4 children. In my spare time I have a rather geeky hobby.  

I’m fascinated by Artificial Intelligence / Data Science and in particularly the Maths behind these. In my spare time I love to develop Machine Learning and Neural Networks applications in various frameworks and programming languages.

I’m looking forward to helping you to realize the fullest value for your business.

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