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Celigo integrations by ZangaBee

ZangaBee is your Celigo Service Partner

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More business in less time with ERP NetSuite & Celigo iPaaS

ERP NetSuite is the solution to automate your business processes and to generate data-driven insights. NetSuite is the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP known for its flexibility and agility. It allows you to unify all your business software, from financials to billing to supply chain management and beyond. With this cloud solution you’ll have full control across your entire business.

NetSuite provides you the tools to get complete visibility of all your business-critical processes in one system. It also can drastically increase the reliability of your business processes, and reduce complexity, time, and costs. With this cloud based ERP you can focus on the opportunities to grow and scale your business swiftly. 

ZangaBee for your NetSuite ERP

ZangaBee helps businesses to grow with NetSuite and Celigo iPaaS

We help businesses tackle issues related to growth, profitability, and risk. By integrating NetSuite with your management systems, we add real value to your company that allows you to serve your customers at a higher level. We work closely with our clients to unlock new opportunities and then support them through execution. Jumpstart your business to maximize profits, scale, and growth.

ZangaBee: Service Partner of Celigo

ZangaBee is an official partner of Celigo for NetSuite implementations and integrations. 

In recent years Celigo’s platform has grown beyond NetSuite integrations and has become more extensive than ever. We can help you to align Celigo’s applications with your platform, and act as a European focal point.

As a reference, Zangabee implemented 24 Celigo integrations for Brandfield – just in time to be ready for their peak season. Read all about it in our “case Brandfield” that we executed together with Celigo.

Read more about ZangaBee’s partnership with Celigo:

ZangaBee - What makes us different

ZangaBee: What makes us different?

We understand business. We also know that people and systems are the structures that hold a business together. By understanding people, and the essentials of how complex systems work, it’s possible to find ways to improve existing systems.

ZangaBee helps businesses with the best possible solutions to improve their systems and processes, in order to have a sustainable competitive advantage in their field.

Read about our tangible characteristics that really define us.

Our Clients & Partners

Serving our clients is a privilege that we take with responsibility and commitment. Our job is done when our clients are happy. 

For NGO's: Get Oracle NetSuite with a discount

Do you run a nonprofit organization or a social enterprise and can use some help to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and free up resources that are better spent fund-raising, recruiting volunteers and making a difference?

Contact us and get the Oracle NetSuite solution fit for your organization for special Social Impact pricing that is deeply discounted from our standard pricing.

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